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 The Best Games Of 2008

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PostSubject: The Best Games Of 2008   Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:27 am

after seeing a really Rubbish one of these on the official playstation site i thought i would take the bull by the horns. (It Could only be games bought out that year :p)

1. Little Big Planet
Little Big planet was an amazing game, and i think it beats all from 2008.
The Story mode Is Great, and when your done with that, unlike most games, You can make your own Story mode Or just strange levels. you Have amazing amounts of control of what goes on in your levels. AND you can publish it and even play on other peoples.
That Why This Game Gets 10/10 From Me P.S the video Sums up wut u can do...

2. Metal Gear Solid Guns of The Patriots
Metal Gear Solid is a great game, And Has amazing detail and graphics,
You can see why the Creator didnt want his game to be brought onto the 360 because it Takes advantage of most of the 50gb bluray player, and would struggle in quality on the 360

3. Resistance 2
I personally Havent played this games yet.
but the buzz of everyone i know that has is immense.
The Online is brilliant, it has to be the best Tactical Shooter of The 21st Century
9.2/10 For this game here

4. Call Of Duty : World at War
Sadly In my eyes this game isnt as good as CoD Mw.
BUT Still Deserves a spot in my Top 5 Games Of the Year, With Its amazing Graphics and Detailed weapons and dont forget the 2-4 player online co-op mode This Game is by Far one of the best FPS and war games ever.
But its only Downfall is The Mega Price, i bought my copy for 44.99 but dont let that put you off.
Its a great game.

5. Fifa 09
I had to pop this in
They Get Better every year, each time one step ahead of pes.
My Favourite bit has to be the absolutely Stunning Graphics.
The detail is precise.
I dont Really know what else to say apart from It's The best Football game out.
and you can pick it up for around 25 at most game stores

I had to choose between fifa and fallout, and for a certain 6th it would be fallout
I hope You Enjoyed Reading.
Ill Be doing the same thing this time next year Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: The Best Games Of 2008   Wed Jan 07, 2009 11:22 am

I definately agree with Littlebigplanet, and hope theres more downloaded content yet to come (need to buy mgs4 pack for it yet lol).

Metal Gear Solid 4 for me is my game of 2008 as it was the best game i'd ever played, the graphics were the best i'd seen in a game and tbh i was encouraged to play it unlike some of my games ( i completed it 3 times O_O

Resistance 2 i don't know yet as I don't own it yet, although i will soon hopefully, But the reviews it's got have been impressive and it overall looks a very good game (r:fom was amazing).

I agree with cod:waw not being better than cod:mw, tbh from the start i knew the online wouldn't be better than cod 4's, and it'll be a mean feat for any game to better it.. that's why i look forward to cod 6 Smile. p.s ever played cod 5 on veteran.. z0mgzzz grenade spamming R Uz.

Finally fifa 09 is a brilliant game, fast paced, better graphics, and it even has a referee on the pitch (finally Ea has discovered reality!), i think they could have easily made it better though but i'm quite satisfied with it atm Smile

How about Gta IV for one of the best games or 2k8.. i'm sure it was overhyped but it wasn't as bad as people make out tbh it atleast deserves 8/10 for its graphics lol. Then again i think Haze was a really good game wheres that sarcastic emoticon..

EDIT: How the hell did i forget about Fallout, this game is Epic!! atleast a 10/10 from me, a must buy if anyone hasn't got it already. The graphics, gamplay and realism are well tbh top notch
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PostSubject: Re: The Best Games Of 2008   Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:35 pm

good post


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PostSubject: Re: The Best Games Of 2008   

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The Best Games Of 2008
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